Attract Passive Job-Seekers With
Your Managers, Team and Culture

REAL HUMAN RESOURCES Require Authentic Videos

Authenticity is paramount in a connected world. We have developed a method and process for conducting genuinely intimate conversations. Nothing is scripted or coached. Viewers can tell everything occurs in the moment.

Telling Your Team's Story

When managers, employees and customers tell their stories, they tell your best story.

Human Resources

Your people and culture are what attract people to apply. These very human factors come alive in video.

Teams' Stories

The personalities and passions of your people "sell" job seekers. We help them convey their authentic selves.

Reach and Engage

We provide customized formats for each channel so you can best engage passive job seekers.

Elicit Stories

We interview your people to draw out their authentic selves, experiences and insights. It's our specialty.

Create Assets

Individual stories are edited for time and clarity and assembled into a library of media assets to support recruiting.

Media Channels

We deploy your media assets to Video Conversion Pages and promote in media channels that fit your goals.


VCPs are a supplement to job postings. The pages create a context for learning about the position, your mission and team. Watching these videos give the viewer a sense of knowing your team and understanding the opportunity. These pages are hosted under a sub-domain of your company's website.


Getting Your Team In Front Of Passive Job-Seekers

Video and audio in the right places at the right times

Your Website

We create Video Conversion Pages for each of your open positions, hosted under a sub-domain of your website. Hiring managers, team members, and customers help educate and welcome job seekers to apply. The call to action links to your web application.


We create custom videos you can natively upload as promoted posts in the news feeds of targeted talent. These videos link back to extended content in the Video Conversion Pages on your website. Use InMail to send content to top talent.


Facebook is a great place to reach passive job seekers. Unlike advertising, videos featuring your team are social ,so they'll achieve higher engagement. We'll create custom videos appropriate for Facebook to effectively drive traffic to your website.


When passive or active job seekers search opportunities, videos are considered the higher value content by search engines. Your Team content is the highest possible content value. Use it to draw people to your Video Conversion Pages on your website.


At Work Listening is one of the highest reached populations for radio. Selected audio from your team create high-impact spots. Campaigns engage and inspire passive job seekers to connect with your video conversion pages and apply.


Talent that's currently employed can be reached 5-days a week during their commutes. For companies that need a continuous source of quality talent, outdoor offers unique, strategic opportunities to connect with passive job seekers.

When Employees Say-So, Job Seekers Listen


A basic Team Say-So featuring 6 individual managers, team members and customers will involve a $1,500 production/ setup fee, plus hosting and licensing for your library of assets of $360/mo.

Many businesses require a customized approach to meet their unique goals. We are happy to discuss your needs and create an affordable plan.